Flooring Installations

Today, many home and business owners alike choose tile to decorate the areas they spend the most time in. Our expert craftsmen handle every aspect of your tile flooring installation project.

Tile & Stone Flooring, Walls and Backsplash

Easy to clean, wall and floor tiling can take your home’s style to the next level.

We install tile walls and backsplashes for any kitchen or bathroom in your home, from simple ceramic tiling to specialty designs and inserts. We also offer installation of Porcelain tiles, Granite tiles, Marble tiles, Stone and Glass tiles, Limestone, Travertine, Tumbled Marble, Slate, Pebbles, Stone tiles, and more. Our professional installers can provide an in-home measurement for product pricing and installation.

Hardwood Flooring

Whether solid or engineered, Hardwood is beautiful and gives off an elegant, cozy vibe. 

We provide complete installation services of any type or size of hardwood planks, tongue, groove, etc. In addition to checking your home’s moisture level, our estimators will examine your subfloor, crawlspace, and foundation to ensure that the product chosen will be suited to your home.

Laminated Flooring

Best for home living areas that are not subject to excessive moisture. Scratch-resistant, durable option for homes with pets and kids.

We offer installation for many types of laminate flooring, including glueless, glued, locking floors, tongue, and more. 

Vinyl Flooring

Best plank option for moisture-prone and heavy foot traffic areas. Softer and more padded feeling underfoot.

We install vinyl options in sheet, plank, and tile styles that look just like tile or hardwoods.

Carpet Flooring

Carpets provide a posh, comfortable feel that is perfect for the cold weather. Their fibers act as insulators and trap allergens until they are vacuumed up. It’s also known to be incredibly durable, so it’s a well-worth investment in the long run.

During the estimate, we will verify the seam placements in order to avoid wasting carpet, check foot traffic, and light levels to ensure a smooth installation.

Our flooring experts are trained in addressing complex situations to meet every client’s designs and needs. If you have any old carpets, vinyl, or tiles before we start, we’ll help you get off on the right foot and help you remove them before we start on the new installation!