Pet Stains & Odor Removal

Most pet owners consider carpets to be their pets’ favorite spot and consequently, their least favorite spot. Every time your pet pees on a carpet, urine is left behind as a salt residue. This smells worse than fresh urine, despite it being lower to the ground. As an odor-causing agent, urine dries out in carpets and takes away the moisture from the environment creating an ideal environment for mold and mildew. Mats and carpet fibers may take on the smell of your pets if they are not taken care of quickly.

Why choose Complet Carpet Solutions?

We use a unique treatment process to remove pet urine. Our process requires specialized techniques and equipment, which allows our team to remove the urine stain while potentially leaving the carpet undamaged.


How it Works

Complete Carpet Solutions uses only tested and proven odor removal and pet stain treatments. We use a combination of buffered peroxides, enzymes, and deodorizers, to neutralize the odor-producing urine salts and remove yellow urine staining caused by chemical reaction with urine. UV (ultraviolet) black lights, which can be seen only under this specialized light, are used to enable us to pinpoint urine stain locations so that we can deliver the proper treatment for individual areas. Our unique extraction equipment allows us to extract the deeper embedded odor and stains from your carpet and pad faster than our competitors’ equipment.

Your best bet for removing pet stains and odors is to keep your pet from going back to the site to use it as a potty again. Odor removal treatments can remove some odor from carpeting, vinyl, and leather products. Some are better than others so do your homework before using any of these products.

Do not use products such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia on it. These will only set the stain and make it difficult if not impossible to remove. To prevent future mishaps, you should inspect the carpeting for soiling at least once a week.