Wrinkle Removal/ Restretches

Quality carpet tells everyone that you take your home or office seriously and having a wrinkled or rippled carpet can ruin the look of even the most beautiful room. Ripples in carpeting happen over time because of typical wear and tear, but they’re also easily avoided by contacting your commercial carpet installation team to routinely check the state of your floors and have my team come out to perform professional carpet restretches where needed.

Why choose Complete Carpet Solutions?

We understand that your home is an investment. That’s why we provide a wide range of carpet services to clients throughout the area like carpet restretching, repair, installation, cleaning, and more. Our company is invested in the satisfaction of our customers. We believe that the job isn’t complete until you’re happy with the results. Our technical teams are trained and certified to ensure your carpet receives quality care.


How it Works

Our fully certified and insured technicians will visit the home or office, inspect the carpeted area to determine if a restretching will be necessary, and discuss options with the client. If a restretching is required, the technician will proceed with the process, which includes drying and cleaning the carpet as well as maintaining sanitary conditions for all parties involved.

Carpet restructuring is a way to protect your carpet. It can keep your carpet looking new, significantly increasing its lifespan. At the same time, it increases the life of the fibers woven into the carpet by redistributing the wear pattern. This ensures that you have a carpet that looks as good as it did when you first installed it.