Tile & Grout

Decorative tiles and grout are popular throughout the home – the look is both stunning and classic. Maintaining it does, however, present some challenges. Work involved in cleaning tile and grout is difficult and tedious.

Why choose Complete Carpet Solutions?

Regular mopping and spot cleaning will not remove the dirt buried deep in the pores of your grout lines. We restore the luster of your floors, making them look new with our tile and grout cleaning services.


How it Works

Depending on the type of flooring, grout lines need to be scrubbed with grout brushes and appropriate solutions type. A powerful high-pressure system is then used to deep clean the tile and grout with 250-degree water. Once the grout has been cleaned, we can seal it with a grout sealer to keep dirt and grime off and prevent stains.

For us to best assist you, you must tell us what kind of tile you have, particularly if it is natural stone or travertine. By doing so, our professionals can provide the correct solution. In addition, please let us know if you have loose or cracked grout that might come out during the cleaning process.

Complete Carpet Solutions can easily and effectively clean your tile when it is dingy, dirty, or stained. Additionally, we clean concrete patios, garage floors, and driveways.